This is Vigi.
Vigi’s got troubles.


Vigi used to work for an evil, galaxy-spanning mega-corporation but now she’s trying to bring them to justice and she was pretty close too until these assholes showed up and started doing murder and crimes in the middle of her clandestine operations.

Now she’s in over her head and the chief of security is after her too.


Opportunities is a long-form webcomic in which Jack Frost, “The Holiday Hitman”, and his team of flamboyant assassins are massacring their way through the Grand Intercontinental duPré and all the way to outer space.

If you like suspense, aliens, a colorful group of characters who are mostly trying to kill each other, delicious grubs, incredibly suave* hispanic men, hijinks, space, women getting shit done, dramatic tension, and/or Christmas, then what are you waiting for?

Read from the beginning!


(*”incredibly suave” might be a huge overstatement, though)