Elliwiny: “What are you up to?”
Sincerely: “I’m writing a post about how done we are.”

We started working on Opportunities in May 2013 (and posting it on this site in November of 2013) and finished in February of 2017.  Dang!  Thank you so much for being here with us at the end of this monumental task.  Neither of us has ever finished anything before (that might be an overstatement but it feels like it…), let alone a 303 page book and now that we know we can, we feel like we could do anything!  Like two more ~300 page books, for example!  In fact, that is exactly what we’re going to do.

Before we get started on Opportunities 2, “Let It Snow”, wherein these jerks will go to space as promised, we want to do some clean up on the first book and then build up a buffer again.  We’re not sure exactly how long it will take but we’re both excited to share the next book with the world (you) as soon as possible, and we’ll post here when we have a date for that.  Alternatively, you can follow us on twitter (sincerely and/or elliwiny) for regular updates and assorted blather.  Elliwiny is trying to post a sketch-a-day right now and I’m sure she would appreciate encouragement.

Also, we’ll be posting some stuff on our patreon mostly related to getting the book ready for print, including cover images, chapter covers, maybe some particularly striking art updates, as well as some concept work here and there.  Nothing on a strict schedule for now, but if you do decide to be a patron we will be immensely grateful.  Frankly, we’re immensely grateful to anyone who reads our weird comic.

Print edition?  The only way we’ll be able to print Opportunities book 1 is if there’s enough interest to fund a Kickstarter.  For a variety of reasons we’re going to wait until sometime after we’ve started posting book 2 before we try to make that happen, so it’ll be later this year.  For you, we have created this handy email list which will be used once and only once to let you know immediately when the Kickstarter goes live:

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